Marketing Automation

Create personalized customer journey with our CRM & Loyalty solutions. Increase repeat sales with win-back campaigns over the world’s most popular channels including SMS, Email, Voice, WhatsApp Business, RCS, Messenger and many more.

CX employs Decision Science to seamlessly weave dialogs with information to create person-alized conversations with your customers. CX helps you create Offers, Coupons & announcements – personalized to guest’s life-cycle with your Brand & their segment.

Build-In RFM (Recency, Frequency, Monetary) model splits your customers into actionable groups based on data insight. Segment your customers and predict their future behavior based on their purchase history.

Communicate customers on Multiple Channels to generate additional revenue in a click. Marketing / Transactional emails with specific audience tracking open rate, click rate, click to open rate.

Transactional messaging can work wonders for your customer engagement and retention. Reach out to us and get your transactional emails set up and rolling ASAP.

Our feedback solution aims to serve as an intelligent end-to-end platform for gathering feedback across multiple customer touchpoints, providing real-time analytics and text analysis, with an in-built escalation management system to enable brands to capture sentiments and improve overall loyalty index and customer satisfaction.