CRM & Loyalty

What We Have

Our SaaS-based CRM & Loyalty solution is highly scalable, customizable, and integrated with 40+ POS for instant redemption. Redemption Online or Offline with automated fraud management with multiple redemption modes. We also expose or consume REST API Sevices for integrating our CRM with your existing Digital Web Database.

It also facilitates brands to promote & reward customer activity on social media platforms.

1. Understand

Gain a single view of customer across all channels including social and mobile and uncover marketing oportunities.

2. Predict

Know what offers and products each customers want. Predict which customers are most likely to churn.

3. Target

Execute lifecycle relevant personalized promotions across every touch point on the path to purchase.

4. Measure & Improve

Accurately attribute the revenue contribution of every promotion, tactic and channel and feed into analysis and strategy.